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The guide was friendly, knowledgeable and adapted the tour to take in specific things I wanted to see as I was short on time in the city. Would recommend.

About activity Legends of Old Kyiv 5 days ago
Silvio L.

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Margarita is a perfect guide for Your days in kiev

About activity Mystic Kiev 18 days ago

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Margarita was a very knowledgeable guide and a nice person, would recommend her to anyone.

About activity Quintessential Kiev 23 days ago
Eivind M.

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I Don`t think the trip became quite what we expected. It was a 100 times more!!!
We had a great All day long tour ( "Work out tour") at sep 12. With Antonina in Kiev.
She was absolutely fantastic!!
Befor the trip she has done Research about Our 2 countries, she was very knowledgeable and interested, she was professional and personal, she was fun (she got us even to dance) and interesting , she talked to everyone in the group, even the most shy one.
Thank you, Antonina. Big hug from all in the Group.

About activity Kiev all day long 28 days ago

Really nothing much to say... Irina was proven to be the best guide I ever came across! Talkative, open-minded, well-educated, and eager to orchestrate THE perfect tour of Kiev! I chose this tour on my 2nd day in Kiev, after seeing the basics the city has to offer the day before. She took the whole "task" to a different level! I really can't recollect how quickly time flew by... 4 hours really seemed to be only 20 minutes :)
All in all, the only person I could blindly choose to hang out on my next time in the beautiful Ukrainian capital!

About activity Beyond the Panorama about 1 month ago

t t t t t

Margarita did an awesome job, excellent english, welcoming atmosphere and a lot of knowledgeable facts and features about Kiev and its history :) Recommended!

About activity Quintessential Kiev about 1 month ago

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